Amrut Portonova [Re-Review]

Amrut Portonova 2.jpg

And this is the end of my Mystery Advent Calendar. It ends with a bit of a hiccup. Day #24 is a re-review. My wife picked from a section of whiskies that were made up of ones I’ve already had, and were the last drops.

So I ended up finishing with Amrut Portonova. I’m happy to be the second most prolific reviewer of Amrut alongside /u/devoz, and I blame him for fanning the fires of enjoying them so much. Personally, I enjoy most, if not all of their releases, and look forward to trying more as they release them.

So this is Amrut’s unpeated malt aged in ex-American oak barrels and then finished in Port Pipes, brought in from Portugal. As opposed to Port casks from outside the only place that’s allowed to make port.

I jest, of course. There’s plenty of places making “port-style” wine that I…

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