Speyside 29 1989 The Whisky Agency Heads & Tails

A few months ago I was speaking with a whisky buddy of mine. I mentioned that I was a Balvenie fan, which struck a neuron in his head. Turns out there was a whisky coming in.

While we can’t say for certain that it was Balvenie, the rumours were that it was peated Balvenie. But those are just rumours. And we all know what rumours are good for Fleetwood Mac, and not society (other than enjoying music as part of society, that album is still good).

So I’m now at the reviews of the end of year tasting, a tasting we save bottles we think will be straight fire (saying that makes me hip and cool and one jive mothafucka, right?). I went first because always start with your weakest person (for bringing bomb ass bottles).

Thus I brought the rumoured peated Balvenie,Speyside 29 1989 The Whisky Agency Heads…

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