Stronachie 1976

Thanks to /u/devoz[ for pouring this.

You’ll notice a certain item with a quote in a variety of my end of year tasting whiskies. A while ago I reviewed a certain Caol Ila that was enjoyed by another reviewer. Turns out it was enjoyed by him a lot. Like it was the best thing he’s ever drunk and he’s had enough varied malts to back that up. And I felt… it didn’t really win me over. Thus in a very humorous comment, he declared that my Tongue was not a Tongue, but rather a popsicle stick.

Since then I’ve written multiple reviews that have differed, been made fun of, and been honest. /u/criollo_and_barley[ has been a good sport.

That may change though. You see, for the second whisky in our year-end review, we hadStronachie 1976. Something that the aforementioned person enjoyed quite a bit.

But what…

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