Kirkland Signature Speyside 18

Thanks to /u/DistillAsian for this one!

Kirkland Signature. We all know it. Sorry, those of us who need the deals at Costco just to get by in this boring dystopia that is Capitalistic North America know of it.

Canadians and Americans have different ways of reacting to store brands. In Canada, we grew up with them, and even high-end versions of them. Americans, from what I’ve learned in marketing CPGs and since wanted to forget, view them as poor people things that are proof that someone isn’t pulling themselves up enough by their bootstraps, those lazy fucknuts. It’s totally not a system that perpetuates poverty at all!

Enter Kirkland Signature. You see, all store brands are just a brand making an item under a stores label in return for shelf space. So if you buy an orange juice at a store and that store has more room for Pepsico OJ…

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