Bruichladdich Laddie Crew Valinch 30 – Frazer Matthews

Thanks to /u/Bananavanmanfor pouring me a sample.

Frazer Matthews is a tour guide at Bruichladdich. To you or me that may seem like a cool summer job, and frankly, most of us at our summer jobs didn’t end up with a bottle pick (or whatever the equivalent is of being a waiter, shelf stacker, or cement maker, in my case).

No Frazer not only worked at Bruichladdich, not only learned the balancing act of touring a distillery between the geeky know-it-alls to people who are new, however, but his entire family also worked there at some point. So he’s been growing up with Bruichladdich fumes in his bones. In the write-up for his release as part of the crew they mentioned that he’s left the island, however, I doubt one ever leaves for long. Because… tons of whisky, right? Sure you can’t easily see a football match on Islay…

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