Bruichladdich Laddie Crew Valinch 31 – Steven Vanbockrijck

Thanks to /u/bananavanman[ for pouring me a sample.

So as some people know, I GM Pathfinder games. Or for those of you not down the collective rabbit hole of Pen and Paper Role Player Games, I play a version of Dungeon and Dragons that is similar to the third edition.

So I’m the GM, or Game Master, and thus I do a bunch of talking, saying all of those wonderful names that have roots in languages I don’t speak with pronunciations from around the world.

Enter Steven Vanbockrijck. And the fact I’m still happy I don’t do many spoken word reviews. Steve, as I call him because of my linguistic abilities, works for Rémy Cointreau, and was sent as the Finance Director to Bruichladdich upon RC purchasing B on the island of I.

I’ve been the project manager/finance guy walking around people making a product you like. It can…

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