Four Balvenie of Interest

I meant to post this quite a while ago, however, I’ve been as sick as a dog, tired, honestly mentally and soul exhausted at being on the internet after the last couple weeks, oh and currently working on reviewing a 400-page book. Not to mention life being life, as usual.

Alright, let’s get my bias out of the way. I like Balvenie. I enjoy honey flavours, Balvenie 30 is still one of my desert island drams, I like a lot of the 17-year casks. So when I was asked to come to a special tasting with three of the brand ambassadors, I jumped at the chance. There you go.

So I got to try these for free. I am friendly with one of the brand ambassadors. These are all things you should consider. I’ll keep my bias away throwing off my reviews, but I state them because I’m human and…

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