Bruichladdich Port Charlotte MC:01

Travel retail typically gets a bad rap. And it’s from me as well, don’t act like I’m going to say otherwise. It’s typically used as a place where experiments that just didn’t make it belong.

However every so often a company puts something there that perks us up. Previously Bruichladdich Port Charlotte CC:01 was one of them, their peated (but not as peated as Octomore) offering that was finished in ex-Cognac barrels.

So when I saw an opportunity to purchase part of a bottle ofBruichladdich Port Charlotte MC:01, the newer travel retail Port Charlotte with this particular naming scheme, I took the chance.

But what has changed, save for one letter? Well, as someone who once asked a very attractive waitress for a side of corn and mixed up one letter, I’ll tell you it can make a huge difference. In this case, it’s been matured in ex-Sicilian…

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