Craigellachie 9 2008 Single Cask Nation Oloroso Sherry Octaves

Thanks to /u/Saba007[ for pouring me this sample.

When’s a raven like a writing desk? When you’re in a horror movie and you’ve decided to force a living animal down in order to write on top of it, blood and feathers flying about, screaming borrowing itself into your mind.

Not all riddles are meant to be answered, as otherwise, everything seems violent, disturbing, and generally not fun.

So when is a Single Cask Nation divided against itself, perhaps still standing? When it’s one of the few Double Cask Nation whiskies from Single Cask Nation, a member-based group that sells single cask whiskies. And the odd double cask whisky.

But what’s the big deal about single casks? Well, most people have an idea of what whisky tastes like, and blenders/vatters typically like to stick close to that ideal. Thus the single cask whiskies, with their interesting and weird customs, not…

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