Glenlivet 28 1968 Signatory Vintage

So three months ago it was my birthday. Each year I typically do a write up where I go out and try something legendary, and then four more things. Well, this year was a bit different.

First off, I decided to hit upAllen’s, what with some people I know writing reviews from there. Second of all, I happened to find a date when they were having their annual Steak Festival and we all got excited and killed more cows than a leather factory with a blood fetish.

But you’re not here to hear about a 45-day ribeye that tasted like heaven and butter. No, you’re here to talk about Scotch. Because Allen’s is one of those locations you show up for the whisky list.

So to start off my birthday right, I picked outGlenlivet 28 1968 Signatory Vintage. Why? Well simply I’ve not had enough 1960s…

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