Convalmore 23 1976 Silent Stills

I’ve never had a Convalmore. That’s actually what brought me toAllen’s, a gastropub in Toronto, for my much belated birthday. Belated birthdays are what we do in my family.

I saw a review by/u/smokedherring, and I was interested in this. I wondered to myself if I enjoyed Convalmore. And I drew a blank. That’s fine, I’m not the kind of person who tries to set expectations on distilleries. I try not to, of course. Not to mention that Convalmore has been closed since 1990, being bought out by William Grant & Sons. I know you’re about to say “Wait, what? Convalmore comes out from Diageo as special releases! You’re wrong!”

You’d be correct. William Grant & Sons only bought the buildings, took out the equipment, and used them as storage for Glenfiddich and Balvenie. The remaining stores are owned by Diageo, who bought them way back…

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