Glen Keith 21 1992 Archives

Thanks to /u/Saba007[ for pouring me this dram.

Glen Keith isn’t exactly at the top of most peoples “saw it at a bar” lists. It’s the first Speyside to be built since the whisky crash of 1898. No, you aren’t dyslexic, that’s the 19th century. And it was mothballed in 1999, left to eventually reopen in 2013. Even after all of that, and having three official bottlings in the 90s (two peated ones under other names), it’s meant to be blended. With those whiskies exported.

What I’m saying is this: Chivas (who owns them) aren’t making Glen Keith the next Brora/Port Ellen. They’re making it the next. No, I specifically didn’t write anything there, because if I said something, we’d recognize it.

EnterGlen Keith 21 1992 Archives, labelled with their always fun and pretty fish photos from the Fishes of Samoa. I know I don’t typically talk…

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