Dead Rabbit

In the movie Gangs of New York, there’s a specific gang known as the Dead Rabbits. Also, there were a bunch of knives, some good performances, and then by the end, I was confused.

Luckily I’m not here to review the movie, because it’s been a handful of years since I’ve watched it, and this all would be a weird place to put that.

Instead, I was at a special expo showing off what Ireland has to offer to tourists. Frankly, I loved Ireland the last time I visited and was someone who didn’t really need to be sold. However let me just say that if you’re considering going, it’s a beautiful place, I enjoyed it immensely and loved the food, whiskey, people, and every we did.

Speaking of my last trip to Ireland, when I was there I tried a new distillery’s offering by the name of The Liberties…

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