Jameson Caskmates Beau’s Edition

So I’m still at an expo to show the fun of Ireland. I had oysters from their Michelin chef, a whiskey gelato, and then cleared my palate after having an Irish wrap. I made sure to not having anything too strong before reviewing my next one.

In continuing the random theme, the next whiskey isJameson Caskmates Beau’s Edition.

Let me explain as you scratch your heads: The last whiskey I had was a collaboration with a US bar and Irish Whiskey Maker. Now we have a collaboration with a Canadian brewery and an Irish Whiskey Maker.

Beau’s is a local craft beer that’s been around since 2006. They are organic, they are independently owned, and they have a particular earth note in their beer. I’m not a big beer reviewer, so I’m going to stop myself there. I’ve enjoyed some of their beers, including the Helles.

For this…

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