Potter’s 14 1985 Cadenhead’s Authentic Collection

Thanks to@scotchguy.tofor sharing a dram of this with me.

Bit of confusion on this one. I was poured it and it was labelled as 13 years, but I can’t find that and can find a 14 year. So please excuse the confusion, as the alcohol percentage lines up.

Potter’s Distillery was out in Langley British Columbia, established in 1958 and sold liqueurs, slowly expanding into spirits. Eventually, it moved over to Kelowna BC and was bought out by Highwood Distillers in 2005, eventually closing down.

So what we had was a distillery that lasted a while and was purchased by Highwood, known for releasing a bunch of whiskies I haven’t enjoyed a whole lot. However, Potter’s was already a faint memory by the time I was getting into whisky. I missed it, didn’t know it existed. A major distillery in my own country.

Thus I’m kinda jazzed to…

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