Langatun Jacob’s Dram

Thanks to /u/Throzen for pouring me this dram.

What isLangatun Jacob’s Dram? This is the question I had when my buddy pulled it out at a tasting.

Langatun is a distillery with roots in brewing. Each year that pulls out a distilled spirit and has some fun. Granted in Switzerland, before 2007, that couldn’t include distilling barley, as it turns out that Switzerland hated happiness. Or something to do with clocks, I don’t really know why they’d have that on the books.

But it’s not anymore, and there are no major issues left in Switzerland that affect the world at large (that’s me saying something absurd to prove a point).

Jacob is Jacob Baumberger, the founder of the ‘dynasty’ of Langatun distilleries (as there have been many).

So we have a 6-year-old whisky from a varied distillery that pushes the envelope. Oh, and it was matured in an…

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