Fettercairn 28 1988 Signatory Spec’s Pick

Readers of my reviews don’t just have constant ED (especially the women) and feelings of illness. They also notice things on a regular basis. Like how typically I’m the one who, at tastings like the one I was at, am having a mystery dram handed to me.

Not so this time gentle viewer! No, this time the turntables have, in fact, turned. And as such, I showed up with a mystery surprise ofFettercairn 28 1988 Signatory Spec’s Pick.

Fettercairn is a newer distillery for me. I haven’t had many, the OBs have been okay, the IBs have varied between really interesting to meh, and I don’t have a sense on them. They are a peated Highland that needs more work.

So why not share a 28-year-old version, blind, with a bunch of other whisky nerds who haven’t had that many? Tons of reasons, but screw that, let’s get…

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