Tobermory 8 2008 Archives

Thanks to@scotchguy.tofor sharing a dram of this with me.

Something I’m always looking for is a brash, young, interesting whisky. Usually, that means a full maturation. Usually means something beyond an ex-bourbon cask, something peated, something with an odd mashbill. It doesn’t always mean it will work. And sometimes something else works.

So a friend brought outTobermory 8 2008 Archivesat a recent tasting. I’ve never had a Tobermory this young. And he goes after the young whiskies. But it’s a sherry cask.

Can a young, full strength Tobermory be good? Normally I go after older ones, where some of that famous funk has developed into the more socially acceptable blue cheese note.

So how did this do? No thoughts on it going in, let’s see how it tastes, shall we?

Price:Sold out



Cask Type:Sherry butt

Cask Number900154

Number of…

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