Kavalan Solist ex-Bourbon Cask KavaFAN pick

Thanks to/u/Throzen[+69]for pouring me this dram

Upon joining the KavaFAN group, you’re given the opportunity to purchaseKavalan Solist ex-Bourbon Cask KavaFAN pick. Simple idea: This is a single cask, chosen by the group, from an ex-bourbon cask.

Someone, presumably, went to Taiwan and tested out different casks and tried it.

I’ve spoken before on this, but it bears repeating: Finding out who is picking your whisky, and how you personally agree or disagree with their picks, is paramount. All the whisky reviews in the world wouldn’t matter if I, TOModera, like flavours that you, Superfly (your Christian name presumably), don’t, then you’ve learned something.

So how do I, TOModera, get along with the flavours picked by Moon Unit (assuming a generic name for the person who picked it)? Let’s see, shall we?

Price:No Idea


Cask Type:Ex-Bourbon Cask

Cask NoB130918082A


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