Ardbeg 15 2000 Chieftain’s

Thanks to /u/Saba007 for pouring me this dram.

I don’t review Ardbeg often. Why? Well, they guarantee to bring out one special edition a year, two if you count the committee and non-committee versions. I live in a province that gets it super late (and typically overprices these releases), and the other releases would require me to eat nothing but beans all year.

Yeah, I couldn’t even have rice with those beans.

I’m not complaining either. As someone who has loved previous versions and even collected multiple decades old versions of Ardbeg, this is the bed I’ve made. It’s the way things are.

Thus I was quite excited to tryArdbeg 15 2000 Chieftain’s, an independently bottled, age stated Ardbeg. I’ve stated before that the 70s and 90s Ardbegs are rare, and while interesting and legendary, most of them are out of reach. So how was Ardbeg from the…

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