Amrut Single Cask ex-Jaggery Rum Cask

Thanks to /u/devoz for pouring me a sample of this.

It’s weird being a reviewer. You end up going with what you can get, as I’m not charismatic enough to sell out my morals and make this something where I can get free things from what I like.

EnterAmrut Single Cask ex-Jaggery Rum Cask, a single cask that only came into Kensington Wine Market. I’ve reviewed a good amount of Amruts, and that comes from both enjoying them a lot and knowing Devoz.

I’d drink Amrut all the time if they made enough to satisfy that need. As I’ve had a ton of them, to the point where I think I’ve done two full multi-reviews of Amrut by itself, it’s harder.

Luckily they release single casks. And this one is quite special. First off, Jaggery rum cask. Rum casks are a thing that I love to chase, even…

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