BenRiach (peated) 5 Battlehill

Thanks to /u/kinohead for the sample.

So I’ve had a good amount of BenRiach. I can honestly say I enjoy the distillery… when it’s peated. When it isn’t, we don’t get along as well. However, as one of the distilleries that like to play with casks or different types of whisky or single casks, they’re fun.

But in looking at my review archive, I noticed I haven’t had many younger malts reviewed. There are some whiskies that I say need the age (Mortlach). But can I say that about BenRiach? I personally love the 10-year entry.

EnterBenRiach (peated) 5 Battlehill, a very young Scotch. But hey, if Kilchoman can regularly release five-year-old Scotch, why can’t BenRiach? Probably because they specifically created a yeast strain made to excel, but that’s all facts and stuff and we’re talking here and it doesn’t make me sound as cool.

Let’s see how…

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