Woodford Reserve Malt

Thanks to /u/devoz for this sample

Woodford Reserve Maltis the fourth addition to the Woodford Reserve lineup. The idea? A malt whiskey, because that’s something some US distillers are doing. And while Woodford is part of Brown-Foreman, and while they are a large company, I do find they are left to be kinda nerdy with their releases.

Granted I’m in the minority because I’ve enjoyed some of these limited releases, and been called a shill for it, but that’s in the past.

So what isWoodford Reserve Malt? It’s a barely malted whiskey. Right on the cusp at 51%. We’ve seen three other Malted whiskeys from Woodford, so at this point, we expect they know what they’re doing. Or on the other hand, this could be all of the stuff that didn’t make it into the Master’s Collection, because all of that testing has to go somewhere, otherwise…

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