Bruichladdich Port Charlotte MRC:01

Thanks to/u/distillasian[+14]for pouring me this sample.

So picture this: You’re sitting at your desk, getting work done. You enjoy your job enough and making good time. My phone goes off, and there’s a ton of pictures. A friend of mine, let’s call him distillasian, is on Islay. And while I’m having a coffee with work, he’s meeting Dionysus, based on his excitement.

Well, I elaborate. He’s excited. He’s tasting something at the moment. He’s had a few cask strength whiskies, his wife is driving and being super supportive. But something’s stuck out. A cask end is sent to us, and he’s tasted Athena’s sweet dew sweat. Again, my words, just trying to convey how much he enjoyed the whisky. EDIT: He shared a sample with me later, and while nice, it’s mostly just a crazy amped up version of the below.

We ask about it, and it…

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