Penderyn Rich Oak

Thanks to/u/unclimabilityfor this sample.

So this is how far behind me reviews are: I went to take a class about 8 weeks ago. Right before the first workshop, Unclimability showed up for an impromptu tasting, and we met in person. He left with both kidneys still on him.

Since then said class kicked my ass all the way from here to next year. But I’m catching up now.

So Umclimbability, a prolific reviewer and brand ambassador is drinking with us. Totally not a trap to steal his amazing kidneys. He brings outPenderyn Rich Oakbecause, we… duh, that’s who he works for. Nice palate opener, what with the low amount I can have, since I need to think about accounting the next day.

Penderyn Rich Oakis a limited edition that comes out from Penderyn. It’s typically 50%, typically made from a handfull of casks, and for…

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