Big Peat 25 The Gold Edition

Thanks to /u/xile_ for the sample.

It’s probably not a surprise at all that people enjoy the Big Peat series. Peatheads are rampant in the whisky scene, as much as taters at times.

So where do you go from a standard blend of Islay whiskies? Well, each Xmas we get a cask strength, with candy canes on the cover. But why stop there? Special editions are a good way to increase revenue, and I’m all for something age stated.

EnterBig Peat 25 The Gold Edition. One of three Vintage expressions, this includes only whiskies 25 years or older.

So we have a winning idea on these ones. Age statement, limited run but not too limited, and all Islay. But just because it all seems like a good idea doesn’t mean it is one. Someone could have poured in very blah older whiskies into this. I guess I’ll have…

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