Ardmore 10 2008 Carn Mor Rare Drams

Thanks to?/u/Throzen?for pouring me a dram. Finishing up an impromptu tasting at Devoz’s place with Unclimbability, xile_, Throzen, distillasian, and smoked_herring, there was a lot of choices. It takes a certain amount of being an adult to not overdrink, not take everything put down in front of you, and also know your limit as well as not drive home after drinking over it. Also not… Continue reading Ardmore 10 2008 Carn Mor Rare Drams

Bunnahabhain – Bn7 – Elements of Islay

Thanks to?/u/smoked_herring?for pouring me a sample Continuing on with the impromptu, night before school start tasting, One of the people, a one wood flame infused fish person, had brought a whisky I had been eyeing to try. That whisky? Albert Einstein. Fuck, I mean?Bunnahabhain – Bn7 – Elements of Islay. The idea? Create a veritable table of elements, but with tasty scotch rather than the… Continue reading Bunnahabhain – Bn7 – Elements of Islay

Glen Moray 24 Duncan Taylor Dimensions

Thanks to? sharing a dram of this with me. So I’m at a whisky tasting. One where I have to be picky, because I have class the next morning, but I’m also drinking with a bunch of whisky nerds. I choose a Glen Moray. Specifically?Glen Moray 24 Duncan Taylor Dimensions. Others are less enthused about it. You see, as a group we’ve had an embarrassment… Continue reading Glen Moray 24 Duncan Taylor Dimensions

Colonel E.H. Taylor 4 Grain

Thanks to /u/devoz for this sample Elephants. They linger around the room. And the annoying thing is, as with elephants in small rooms, they come up. Someone mentions it. There’s a trunk that slaps you because it’s in musth. What am I blathering on about? A certain Bible that’s for whisky. Written by a cat eyed person who limits his tastebuds and never swallows. That bastard (because… Continue reading Colonel E.H. Taylor 4 Grain

BenRiach 10 2009 Peated (Cask 584)

Thanks to?/u/devoz?for pouring me a dram. By some fluke I ended up with another peated, younger BenRiach. It’s almost like I know what I like when I ask for samples from other adults who pour me things that I take home. Where was I? Oh, yes.?BenRiach 10 2009 Peated, an ex-bourbon barrel single cask BenRiach bottled specifically for the Wee Rock Whisky Club, a BC… Continue reading BenRiach 10 2009 Peated (Cask 584)

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte MRC:01

Thanks to?/u/distillasian[+14]?for pouring me this sample. So picture this: You’re sitting at your desk, getting work done. You enjoy your job enough and making good time. My phone goes off, and there’s a ton of pictures. A friend of mine, let’s call him distillasian, is on Islay. And while I’m having a coffee with work, he’s meeting Dionysus, based on his excitement. Well, I elaborate.… Continue reading Bruichladdich Port Charlotte MRC:01