Clynelish 8 2008 Signatory Vintage Collection – Cask Strength

A few months ago the Toronto Whisky Society had a tasting. I originally was the person walking through each of the whiskies and having a fun time.

Then I got sick, and then I started class, and there may have been a year-end and perhaps an audit in there and probably a 4-hour exam.

But you really don’t give a shit about that. You want to hear about the whisky. It’sClynelish 8 2008 Signatory Vintage Collection – Cask Strength. This was picked by Binny’s, is a single cask, and is that thing I typically don’t go after: An ex-bourbon Clynelish. I’ll be honest. I originally asked for a different whisky than this one.

But then someone, who was supplying the whisky from his collection, mentioned that this tasted peated. That it may be a test of Brora. We have no proof of that, of course, but regardless I…

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