Glenfiddich Wardhead 1997 Cooper’s Choice Port Cask Finish

Thanks to /u/devoz for pouring me this dram.

“You ever had a Wardhead?”

Yup, I was asked that. I stare back at people who ask me that, and I’m drawing a blank. Never heard of it. Then I’m told that Wardhead is Glenfiddich, teaspooned with an equally aged whisky. So it’s a blend. A vatting, if you will. Why? Because Glenfiddich doesn’t allow independent bottlers to release their whisky without this teaspoon.

So have I had a Wardhead? No, however, I’ve enjoyed many a Glenfiddich. As it’s popular, getting a cask strength one is very hard.

EnterGlenfiddich Wardhead 1997 Cooper’s Choice Port Cask Finish. Not going to lie, I’m pretty excited. Past review readers will remember that Glenfiddich used a port cask whisky in the XX release, and that helped it quite a bit.

So a Glenfiddich that was finished in a Port Pipe should be good, right?…

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