Ardbeg Drum Committee Release

I complained a while ago that I wasn’t reviewing that many Ardbegs. Oh, and then I started reviewing Ardbegs because I’m a two-faced idiot who can’t see into the future or notice the stuff his whisky friends are buying.

But this time I bought the samples. I had friends who were wondering aboutArdbeg Drum Committee Release, the stronger cask strength version of this year’s release.

Did they use drums to age it? No you stupid straw-person, why would you guess that? No, it’s aged in ex-bourbon casks and then finished in ex-Rum casks.

So rum casks…. That’s an elephant in the room. You see rum distilleries use their casks until they blow away in a slight breeze. Seriously this leaves fewer. However, with a certain country being a bit less of a dick to another country for potentially housing weapons of mass destruction, we may start seeing casks…

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