6 Ben Nevis Reviews

So for awhile now I have been on and off with Ben Nevis. I hard heard of variation in what you got, that it was big in Japan (so you were competing with richer, more experienced whisky nerds), and that sometimes, just sometimes, it didn’t really work.

So when I was told that we could have a Ben Nevis as a future pick for Toronto Whisky Society, I wasn’t totally enthused. However I was told that in 1996 there was a change in ownership and the quality had become the main driving force.

And then everyone else found out about that, and as anyone who just finished economics 101 and actually listened will tell you, demand made price go high. So we couldn’t.

But I was intrigued. So I started watching for Ben Nevisan (I think I have the Gaelic plural correct there), and found a few. Some have been…

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