Bruichladdich 12 2006 Maltbarn / Bruichladdich Port Charlotte 17 2001 Maltbarn

So I’ve used the picture above multiple times, and I guess I could have grouped these all together, but… Nah.

We had two Bruichladdichs picked by Maltbarn. If they had picked an Octomore recently we may have had one of those too, and done all the Bruichladdich made.

But we didn’t. Oh well.

Up first we have the non-peated Bruichladdich of the lineup. It was aged in ex-Bourbon and then transferred to red wine casks. This is not a finish. Don’t call it a comeback either, because that’s a song and not anything to do with a whisky.

So how doesBruichladdich 12 2006 Maltbarntaste? It’s very much on-brand with Bruichladdich having a wine maturation. However, this is newer malt. How does it differ? Let’s see, shall we?

Price:Sold out




Cask Type:Bourbon & Red Wine Casks

Number of bottles:155


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