North Star Millennial Range

So you are an independent bottler. No, not because I said so, I don’t have that power. My superpower is leaving a film on glass, and someday the X-men will call because they are fighting the Sparkler.

Marvel, call me for phase 5, I’m awesome.

Back to my original point: You’re working as an independent bottler. In make-believe land. And you’re offered some less expensive barrels, however, you’re not supposed to release the names. What do you do?

When running into this situation, it would seem that North Star took the potential lemons and made lemonade. Enter theNorth Star Millennial Series. No, this doesn’t mean that these whiskies will also never have a job and generally have a worse life than their parents. The series is an affordable group of regional whiskies with age statements. So you get all the bonus of normal whiskies at a cheaper cost…

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