6 Ledaig Reviews

Ledaig. On Reddit, that place where bad and good things happen, I’m the third most prolific reviewer of Ledaig. Last I checked. Let’s do that now, before I screw up and put my foot in my mouth, again.

Alright, it basically backs me up. I think. Who knows if people have been archiving?

Whatever. When it comes toLedaig, I’m happy to not be the leader. I want to enjoy them and have some fun with them.

Ledaig is the peated spirit from Tobermory distillery. Tobermory, which used to be called Ledaig. Also Tobermory, the place where a lightly peated Tobermory may be a Ledaig and an accidentally marked down Ledaig may be an unpeated Tobermory and screw you this is all tough stop judging.

Thus we have 6 samples of the funky peated whisky from the Island. How did they taste? Let’s see, shall we?

Ledaig 7 2009…

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