Toki Suntory Whisky

Thank you to /u/distillasian for pouring me this sample.

So one day I started ranting to my whisky friends aboutToki Suntory Whisky.


Because we’re a bunch of snobs who have had cask strength, age stated, now long gone/way too expensive Japanese whisky. And during this Japanese whisky boom, where everyone and their mother will tell you that “Scotch is dead” and “It’s the best”, the whisky doesn’t hold up to the hype.

Toki Suntory Whiskyshows up in videos, talks, etc. all the time. It’s a blend of Yamazaki, Hakushu and Chita, it’s readily available, and there are cocktail recipes for it. It’s everywhere and that bugs me because I feel the Japanese whisky’s popularity is due to the heavy hitters I mentioned before.

So I finish my rant, and my friends don’t disagree with it, per se. No, they disagree with the fact I haven’t reviewed…

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