Springbank 9 Local Barley / Springbank 19 1996 Port Cask

Thanks to /u/xile_ for these samples.

In a recent online discussion, someone brought up that Springbank was now so popular that the price is stopping people from being able to afford it, thus making it harder to buy, thus screwing more people at trying it, and here we are.

However every so often some of the younger ones are there for us, the lower classes who save our pennies for the bread lines and whatnot.

But what if we compared two side by side? Well, I was at a tasting where one was poured, and another where another, different, older version was poured.

Let’s see how they differ, shall we?

Springbank 9 Local Barleyis the fourth in a fifth part series of Springbanks using nothing more than pure gumption and can-do spirit to make them. Wait, what’s that? That’s complete shit? Oh, it’s made from Local Barley, made in…

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