GlenDronach 8 – The Hielen

Simple whisky this time. I was at a bar, well known for a good selection of whiskies, however I had blown my whisky budget and didn’t have much time before my plans started.

GlenDronach 8 – The Hielenwas my pick. It’s about time, really. I had forgotten some of the younger malts and should catch up.

So this is aged in bourbon and sherry casks and released at a decent abv. Sounds good on paper. How’s it taste in my mouth?

Price:N/A at the LCBO


Cask Types:Bourbon and Sherry Casks


Colour: 2.5Y 7/6

Nose:Varnish, nutty, nectarine, sugar syrup

Initially quite strong, chemical notes. Eventually that subsides with some nutty, sweet notes. Bit light, even with the nice abv.

Taste:Raspberry, honeydew melon, raisin, vanilla

Tart, more of the sherry casks here. Some nice fruit, bit of tropical notes, more fruit than I’d…

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