Paul John 6 Cadenhead Small Batch

Thanks to /u/xile_ for pouring me a sample of this one.

Hey, it’s time to review an Indian whisky. Which since I’m drinking it and reviewing it, which means it’s from… Paul John?

Alright, so right now there’s two brands of Indian whisky that pop up. I typically drink the other one, Amrut, because I really like them and because so does /u/devoz and he’s a wonderful person who pours it for me.

But awhile ago I tried a bunch of Paul John, because I’m addicted to writing these. So whenPaul John 6 Cadenhead Small Batchcame out, we all… paused. It’s young, but that’s normal for Indian whisky. Paul John didn’t wow us as much.

But one of us did buy it and, well, he poured it for us to prove we’re all judgemental and dumb. Let’s see!

Price:N/A at the LCBO




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