Glen Moray Elgin Classic – Peated

Thanks to my buddy for pouring me a dram on vacation.

It’s no secret that I enjoy Glen Moray every so often. I’ve reviewed a handful of them. They change up quite a bit based on what cask someone put it in. Oh, and based on their OBGlen Moray Elgin Classic – Peated, they also play around with a peated dram.

So variety is the spice of life. And today I’m lucky to be sitting down with an OB from Glen Moray. This is the entry-level that the company wants me and you and probably you’re aunt (you know the one) to try.

So how does it compare to my norm, the independently bottled variety? Let’s see, shall we?

Price:N/A at the LCBO



Colour:10Y 9/8

Nose:Peat, brown butter, cinnamon honey, brine, mint

Initially, it hits you with some of that peat…

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