Jim Beam Legent

Thanks to my buddy for pouring me a dram of his bottle.

So awhile ago I was out in Alberta. Just hanging out, visiting friends, enjoying rural Canada in all it’s beautiful glory.

One thing that popped up while in Calgary (not rural Canada, had to come in from the massive farms and beautiful landscapes due to tornados (and whisky)) wasJim Beam Legent. A friend of mine enjoyed it so much she bought it for her husband, and he opened it.

What is it?Jim Beam Legentis a simple idea. Fred Noe, Jim Beam Master Distiller made Jim Beam bourbons. Two of which are secondary cask finished, ex-California red wine and ex-Oloroso sherry casks. They were then blended by Shinji Fukuyo, Suntory’s Chief Blender and the fifth person ever to have that role.

So a master distiller from Kentucky and a chief blender from Japan used ex-red…

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