Crown Royal Apple / Crown Royal XO

Crown Royal Apple

Thanks to my buddy for letting me have some of this. And by letting, I mean he’s welcome that I drank some of it.

Crown Royal is finding ways to bring out whisky to the masses. And what do the masses like to do? Binge drink, dance, and do shots. Am I judging them? Fuck no, I was one of them. In my yesteryears, I did shots because they tasted like sugar and I didn’t have to hold a drink on the dancefloor. Am I a good dancer? Hell no!

Thus some shots, the taste of fruit and eventual bile in my mouth, and some dancing. But at least I had bartending practise to know what I could order (Electric Banana until you can’t feel feelings). Most people have other things to think about, like education and family and friend connections. They need easier things!


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