GlenDronach Distillery Tour

GlenDronach bottles and sells my favourite whisky.  As much as I like peat, a well-aged sherry single malt just does it for me (Editor’s Note: Yes, we know that prior to 2002 GlenDronach was peated, but I think DistillAsian means very peated whisky here).  So the first thing I want to do when visiting Scotland is hit up the GlenDronach Distillery.  It’s not as hard … Continue reading GlenDronach Distillery Tour

Bunnahabhain Warehouse 9 Tasting

All the rumours are true: Bunnahabhain feels like the most remote and difficult to get to of all the distilleries on Islay. The final stretch is spent driving a long way down a nondescript single lane road.  What they don’t tell you is that the Bunnahabhain Distillery complex looks like something out of a nuclear fallout movie, with seemingly old and rundown industrial buildings. Any … Continue reading Bunnahabhain Warehouse 9 Tasting

Bruichladdich Warehouse Experience

After Lagavulin, we ate a lovely lunch at the Islay Hotel, where we ended up getting seated beside and chatting with an Australian that had made the trip to Islay on his own. Happily full and ready to go, we were off on the 40-minute drive to Bruichladdich. As this was my wife’s first time driving on this trip, I was understandably nervous and sober … Continue reading Bruichladdich Warehouse Experience

Review: Bunnahabhain 12 vs 18

Thank you to fellow TWS member WDMC905 for these samples. I’ve had both previously and enjoyed them but at a very early point in my scotch exploration, such that I didn’t really have the skills yet to put words to thoughts/tastes. Very happy to have samples of two Islays gems to review side by side! Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old Abv: 46.3% Colour: Deep Copper Nose: Rancio, … Continue reading Review: Bunnahabhain 12 vs 18