Glenfarclas 25 Re-Review

I was very disappointed with the results in my first Glenfarclas review. The two 50ml samples I purchased from auction (21 and 25 year) didn’t appear to have any evidence of contamination, but after trying this sample from Master of Malt, it’s obvious there were spoiled in some form or another. The Glenfarclas 25 I’m trying here is a completely different whisky. Glenfarclas 25, 43% ABV, … Continue reading Glenfarclas 25 Re-Review

Spirit of Toronto 2017

Yesterday marked the annual Spirit of Toronto tasting event at the Roy Thomson Hall. An absolute must for the whisky enthusiast, Spirit of Toronto offers an all-inclusive experience with a wide range vendors and expressions. This was the second consecutive year I attended, and once again I had an amazing evening. One of the best features about Spirit of Toronto are the Masterclasses offered each … Continue reading Spirit of Toronto 2017

Buffalo Trace Antique Collection – Jr. Edition

If you missed out on your local lottery, or don’t feel like paying the exorbitant prices on the secondary market, these four “baby” versions of the BTAC range will have to suffice. W.L. Weller 12, 45% ABV, $46 CAD Nose: Really nice vanilla, oak, and brown sugar notes dominate. Also black cherry, some caramel, old leather, and a faint lemon and orange citrus thing in … Continue reading Buffalo Trace Antique Collection – Jr. Edition

Islay comparison

Five of the big players from Islay. You will notice Bunnahabhain, Bruichladdich, and Kilchoman (among a few others) are absent from this lineup. I wanted to review the entry-level (age statement) offerings from the main distilleries to see how each compare. They are affordable, available, and most of all, these are the ones I currently have. Bowmore 12, 40% ABV, $60 CAD Nose: Very light … Continue reading Islay comparison

Glenfarclas 21 & 25 year old’s

Glenfarclas 21, 43% ABV, £7.50 (50ml) Nose: Very faint oranges and apples, heavy cream, dust, old books, and some leather. Everything is very mild. Taste: Honey, almonds, soft oak, wet cardboard. Finish: Short, not overly complex, light and mild. Thoughts: What is going on here? This is Glenmorange Original soft. Just really weak and flat. Zero alcohol note, but a pretty basic whisky. Not sure … Continue reading Glenfarclas 21 & 25 year old’s

Kavalan Solist – Vinho Barrique & Sherry Cask Reviews

Kavalan Solist – Vinho Barrique, 57% ABV, Bottled 4/25 2013, £35 (196ml) Nose: Sweet bourbon-like caramel and rum-like sweetness, raspberry, strawberry, oranges, stale fruit candy (like expired wine gums), coco powder, oak spice, and buttered popcorn. Taste: Heavy plums and raisins, fruit cake, ripe banana, mild leather and cinnamon. Finish: Long, well balanced, high viscosity. Thoughts: A heavy hitting whisky with lots going on. Extremely … Continue reading Kavalan Solist – Vinho Barrique & Sherry Cask Reviews