Glenfarclas 17

Glenfarclas 17, 43% ABV, $130 CAD Nose: Red plums, oak, fresh floral, citrus, lemon peel, Smuckers strawberry jam. Taste: Plums, bitter chocolate, chocolate orange, raisins, malt, coffee, and a slight spicyness. Finish: Medium, good viscosity, coffee and chocolate notes linger. Thoughts: It’s bold and fresh at the same time, juicy, with good complexity. Other than the 25 year, this is my favorite expression from the … Continue reading Glenfarclas 17

Kavalan Solist Ex-Bourbon (KavaFan bottling)

This single barrel Ex-Bourbon Solist was exclusively bottled for members of KavaFan. (142 total bottles). It was barreled on August 28, 2008, and bottled on October 5, 2017. 9 years, 1 month, 8 days old. Kavalan Solist Ex-Bourbon (KavaFan Bottling) B080828075, bottle 26/142, 55.6% ABV Nose: Creamy vanilla off the top, pineapple, piña colada, melon, bourbon-like caramel, short-bread, and a nice spicy oakiness. Taste: Vanilla … Continue reading Kavalan Solist Ex-Bourbon (KavaFan bottling)

Canadian Club 40 Year Old

Thanks to ‘Whisky in the 6’ for the sample. Canadian Club 40 Year Old, 45% ABV, $250 CAD Nose: Big hit of caramel and vanilla, honey, lemon grass, slight rye spice. Taste: Again, caramel and vanilla, rye, pepper, and apple pie filling. Finish: Medium/long, very good viscosity, caramel and spice notes linger. Thoughts: 7,000 total bottles, 100% Corn whisky aged in ex-rye barrels, oldest expression … Continue reading Canadian Club 40 Year Old

Laphroaig Caideas – Madeira Cask

Laphroaig Caideas – Madeira Cask 2016, 51.6% ABV, $100 CAD Nose: Peat right up front but not as strong as the 10 or 1/4 Cask, damp wood, brine, dry strawberries, and apricot. Taste: Earthy and musty peat smoke, old oak, strawberries, tobacco, with a faint floral note. Finish: Medium/long, highlighted by strawberries, peat and wood. Thoughts: I love the fruity/strawberry element to this. I think … Continue reading Laphroaig Caideas – Madeira Cask

Elmer T. Lee

Elmer T. Lee Bourbon, 45% ABV, $45 USD Nose: Black cherry, cinnamon, brown sugar, caramel, whipped cream, and a big cream corn note. Taste: Cherry, corn, and brown sugar again, with honey, vanilla, pepper, and tobacco. Finish: Medium/long, cherry and corn notes linger. Thoughts: Not the most complex bourbon, but it’s very well balanced. Its got a unique profile. Really enjoying it! Hard to find … Continue reading Elmer T. Lee

Lot 40 vs Lot 40 Cask Strength

Lot No. 40 100% Rye Whisky, 43% ABV, $40 CAD Nose: Caramel, rye spice, oak, floral soap, banana, banana bread, icing sugar. Taste: Creamy toffee, rye spice, brown sugar, cooked banana. Finish: Medium/long length, good viscosity. Thoughts: This is what you want in a rye. Great balance of sweet and spicy. Although strong, the rye kick is nicely rounded so it doesn’t completely overpower the whisky. … Continue reading Lot 40 vs Lot 40 Cask Strength

Highland Park 25 Year Old

Highland Park 25 Year Old, 45.7% ABV, $415 CAD Nose: Apples, apple pie, pie crust, sour-dough bread, honey, leather, banana, peach juice, mild chocolate, white, chocolate, old wood, toffee, vanilla ice cream, Mr. Christie’s Arrow Rout cookies, raisins, waffle cones, and a nice malty note. Taste: Sherry, floral, leather, apple, honey, chocolate and white chocolate again, light cinnamon, golden plums, and underripe pears. Finish: So so good! … Continue reading Highland Park 25 Year Old