Balvenie 15 Single Barrel – Sherry Cask

Thanks to Rob from Whisky In The 6 for gifting me the remainder of this bottle! Checkout his reviews on YouTube (just search “Whisky in the 6”) Balvenie 15, Single Barrel – Sherry Cask, (European Sherry Butt) 47.8% ABV, $105 USD Nose: Nice rich sherry. Raisins, red plums, pears, green apple, starfruit. Taste: Really nice chocolate notes, chocolate cake, carrot cake without the carrot (just … Continue reading Balvenie 15 Single Barrel – Sherry Cask

Bruichladdich Octomore 6.1, 6.3, 7.1, & 7.3

Quick mention about letting whisky sit, oxidize, and open up before you drink it: You’ve heard about allowing whisky to breathe one minute in the glass for every year in the cask? (18 year old whisky; let it sit for 18 minutes). I HATE this rule! It simply just doesn’t apply to the majority of whisky.  Especially when it’s peated, especially when it’s cask strength, … Continue reading Bruichladdich Octomore 6.1, 6.3, 7.1, & 7.3

GlenDronach Core-Range Review (12, 15, 18, 21)

The “true” age of the GlenDronach line You may have read the Words of Whisky article about the GlenDronach core-range being a lot older than the age statement on the label… “The distillery was closed from 1996 until 2001, and that gap of six years forces GlenDronach to use older whisky than necessary. The 12yo Original was released in 2009, so should’ve been at least … Continue reading GlenDronach Core-Range Review (12, 15, 18, 21)

5 Old Fashioned Recipes and Reviews

The Old Fashioned has been my go-to cocktail for as long as I’ve been into whisky. I love the sweetness and easy drinking flavour it delivers. I make all my old fashioned’s right in the glass, no need for special mixing shakers. Pre-made simple syrup also makes the process easy and convenient (1 cup of water, 1&1/4 cup of brown sugar. Heat in small pot … Continue reading 5 Old Fashioned Recipes and Reviews

Talisker 25

Talisker 25, 2017 Release, 45.8% ABV, £168 with shipping (UK auction) Nose: Prune juice, apple juice, apricot, honey, vanilla, sweet smoke, leather, old dusty books, sea air, and salt water. Taste: Salt and brine, more peat heavy on the palate vs the nose. There’s a musty oak-smoke element, and a really nice cherry chocolate liqueur/dark chocolate note. Finish: Long. Decent complexity. Chocolate and peat notes … Continue reading Talisker 25

The great debate: Corryvreckan or Uigeadail?

My 2 cents on Non Age-statement (NAS) Scotch Whisky. I feel like this review is an appropriate time to weigh-in on the discussion. There is a lot of hate in the whisky community towards distilleries for not disclosing the age of their product. Some even flat out boycott purchasing a bottle without a number on the front. Being relatively new to the game, I just … Continue reading The great debate: Corryvreckan or Uigeadail?

Macallan 10 Years Old (Sherry)

Macallan 10 Years Old (Sherry), 40% ABV, £66 including shipping, (Review: Drinks by the Dram 3cl sample) Nose: Classic Macallan-like sherry, cherries, strawberry jam, raisins, plums, fudge, and chocolate. Taste: Everything I got from the nose was on the palate, with a little more chocolate,  added oak, and spice. Finish: Medium length. Thoughts: I would be hard pressed to distinguish this from the current 12 … Continue reading Macallan 10 Years Old (Sherry)