Hakushu 12

Hakushu 12, 43% ABV, £65. Nose: Apple, pear, floral, malt, cereal, filo pastry. Taste: Pear, honey, grape, malt, floral, grass and earth. Finish: Medium and drying. Floral, malt, and light heathered peat notes linger. Thoughts: Light and refreshing on the nose, really nice fruit notes, and decent viscosity on the palate. The balance leans heavy on cereal and malt notes, but unlike Yamazaki 12 I’m … Continue reading Hakushu 12

Yamazaki 12

Yamazaki 12, 43% ABV, acquired in trade. Nose: Honey, musty oak, sherry, honey dew, pears, nutmeg, vanilla, and a very slight heathered peat. Taste: Fresh citrus, chocolate fudge, vanilla, figs, and this really nice vicious malty note. Finish: Medium, very slight peat, fruit, chocolate, and malt notes linger. Thoughts: I really like this! I assume its ex-bourbon and sherry cask matured. The balance is right … Continue reading Yamazaki 12

Bruichladdich Octomore 8.1 & 8.3

Octomore 8.1, 59.3% ABV, 8 years old, $160 CAD. 100% first fill American oak from Buffalo Trace, Clemont Springs, Four Roses, Heaven Hill and Jack Daniels distilleries. Scottish barley. 167 PPM. 42,000 bottles produced. Nose: Lemon, a floral sweetness, black treacle, licorice, sweet straw, creamy peat,  and a faint wood note. Taste: Grilled lemon, treacle, salt water, cantaloupe, floral. Finish: Very long, slightly drying, oak, … Continue reading Bruichladdich Octomore 8.1 & 8.3

William Larue Weller (2017)

William Larue Weller (2017 release), 64.1% ABV, 12 years 6 months old, acquired in trade. Nose: Rich brown sugar, and heavy caramel. Corn, powder sugar, cherry candy, new leather, and creamy oak. Taste: Dark cherry, nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon. Finish: Very long, slightly hot, black cherry, and soft oak notes linger. Thoughts: Bold and full-flavored. Really nice cherry and oak notes with a good amount … Continue reading William Larue Weller (2017)

Ardbeg An Oa

Ardbeg An Oa, 46.6% ABV, $65 USD An Oa is aged in new charred oak, PX sherry and first fill bourbon casks. Nose: General sweetness, sherry, vanilla, lemon, lemon cleaner, ginger, licorice, bubble gum, soft oak, and a lighter peat than other Ardbegs, more of a campfire style. Taste: Fresh lemon, creamy oak, hickory, under-ripe pear, chocolate and toffee. Finish: Long, nice creamy oak. Very … Continue reading Ardbeg An Oa

Macallan Classic Cut

Macallan Classic Cut 2017, 58.4% ABV, $75 USD Nose: Sherry and oak off the top, grape soda, grape Kool Aid powder, oranges, and chocolate orange. Taste: Oak, spice, oranges, fudge, milk chocolate, hazel nuts, grape popsicle. Finish:  Medium/long, slightly hot, milk chocolate, oak and grape notes linger. Thoughts: You get a little of what Macallan Cask Strength gives you. The Macallan character is in there, … Continue reading Macallan Classic Cut

Macallan Edition 3

Macallan Edition No.3, 48.3% ABV, $110 USD Collaboration with master perfumer Roja Dove, this edition uses the following casks to make up the vatting: First Fill American Hudosa Butts, Second fill Euro and American Refill Butts, First Fill Euro Tevasa Butts and Puncheons, First Fill American Bourbon  Hogsheads, First Fill Euro Tevasa Hogsheads, and First Fill American Bourbon Barrels. Nose: Floral dominates, chocolate orange, malt, … Continue reading Macallan Edition 3