Royal Brackla 16

Thanks to /u/cpfselfbuilt for this sample. Michael Jackson once said that Royal Brackla was in Speyside. Most other reviewers placed it in the Highlands though, making our future discussions of whisky. I’ve never reviewed a Royal Brackla, unlike the former King of Reviewers. I seem to have missed this Bacardi owned whisky, and should fix that. The reason they are royal? In 1835 (an okay year, everyone… Continue reading Royal Brackla 16

Dewar’s 12

Blends. They make the whisky world go around, like fat bottomed girls and the rocking world. Or so I was told by my nanny. You know the rest. Blends are usually left behind after you’ve had a lot of single malts. I don’t know what stereotypical female body type used in song single malts are in this case. I didn’t really mean for that comparison… Continue reading Dewar’s 12

Tamnavulin 22 1992 Small Batch Cadenhead’s

Thanks to /u/kinohead for the sample So there I am, like any older Millennial, owning a smart phone just so I can talk to my friends using 12 different apps. And one of them pops up. It’s Kinohead. Yes, I know his real name, however we’ll keep him as his reddit name for now, just incase he’s actually wanting to keep his anonymity. Remember what that is?… Continue reading Tamnavulin 22 1992 Small Batch Cadenhead’s