InBev Distilleries Tasting Event

I’d like to personally thank InBev for sending their Brand Ambassador from Old Pulteney (and Balblair, Speyburn, Balmenach, and anCnoc) to the Toronto Whisky Society. I’d also like to thank /u/Jolarbear for doing a great write up on the site on these, which you can find here. For those of you who don’t want to have to jump over: Shame on you, reading is fun! What would Levar… Continue reading InBev Distilleries Tasting Event

Brown-Forman Tasting Event at JOEY

Back in June, TWS held a tasting event with Brown-Forman at JOEY in the Eaton Centre. This was a joint event with @MaltCollective on Instagram, and was a great evening, enjoyed greatly by the 20+ attendees who were there! The team at JOEY brought out some amazing food and the service was second to none! A huge thank you to the animated and knowledgeable John Breckon … Continue reading Brown-Forman Tasting Event at JOEY

TWS’s Inaugural Great Canadian Whisky Tasting Intro

A few months ago, the founding members of the Toronto Whisky Society were discussing what we should do to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, and eventually the discussion came around to whisky awards. When we looked at these awards, we found that they don’t always reveal the full list of whiskies evaluated, and generally don’t evaluate up-and-coming distilleries with product under 3 years old. Canada has … Continue reading TWS’s Inaugural Great Canadian Whisky Tasting Intro

Woodman Spirits & International Beverages Tasting Event

This was the fourth official Toronto Whisky Society event of 2017. Gordon Stephenson is the global spirits ambassador with International Beverage Holdings and is here to walk us through a tasting of various their whiskies. Their five distilleries are represented here. Putleney, Balblair, Speyburn, Knockdhu (anCnoc), & Balmenach – their largest distillery, exclusively used for blends and their gin. They used to do drum maltings … Continue reading Woodman Spirits & International Beverages Tasting Event

Collingwood Distillery Luncheon / Whisky Tasting

I’d like to start by thanking Brown-Foreman for inviting me to a recent Collingwood Whisky tasting and lunch. This was hosted by them, and I was invited as part of my inclusion of the Toronto Whisky Society. As part of the lunch, Alexis Green, the brand ambassador, walked through this distillery with us, had an introductory tasting, shared some great cocktail recipes, and overall gave … Continue reading Collingwood Distillery Luncheon / Whisky Tasting

Spirit of Toronto 2017

Yesterday marked the annual Spirit of Toronto tasting event at the Roy Thomson Hall. An absolute must for the whisky enthusiast, Spirit of Toronto offers an all-inclusive experience with a wide range vendors and expressions. This was the second consecutive year I attended, and once again I had an amazing evening. One of the best features about Spirit of Toronto are the Masterclasses offered each … Continue reading Spirit of Toronto 2017

Victoria Caledonian Distillery – TWS Event

On April 23rd the Toronto Whisky Society hosted our most recent event, a tasting by the Victoria Caledonian Brewery & Distillery. Andrew Campbell Walls, the incredibly delightful brand ambassador of Victoria Caledonian Distillery, was gracious to lead is through a tasting of the TWA Blended malts available from the distillery, along with a sample of the currently maturing single malt spirit (Mac Na Braiche). Below … Continue reading Victoria Caledonian Distillery – TWS Event