Group Review: Glenlivet 16 Nàdurra

The Toronto Whisky Society sometimes conducts group reviews, where we split a bottle and all review it, then consolidate into a single post, a recent example being J.P Wiser’s Union 52. However, as a group, we have 2500 reviews online, mostly posted on the Reddit Whisky Network, which we’re slowly moving over to our website. We decided where more than 4 of us have reviewed a … Continue reading Group Review: Glenlivet 16 Nàdurra

Scapa 16

I am FINALLY able to open up some bottles I’ve had kicking around. And that means I now have too many open bottles again. Someday, someday soon, I’ll figure out how to do things in moderation. In this case it was opening too many bottles, not drinking heavily. Anyway, as my wife would like me to continue finishing bottles, as she is an enabler lovely… Continue reading Scapa 16