Laphroaig Caideas – Madeira Cask

Laphroaig Caideas – Madeira Cask 2016, 51.6% ABV, $100 CAD Nose: Peat right up front but not as strong as the 10 or 1/4 Cask, damp wood, brine, dry strawberries, and apricot. Taste: Earthy and musty peat smoke, old oak, strawberries, tobacco, with a faint floral note. Finish: Medium/long, highlighted by strawberries, peat and wood. Thoughts: I love the fruity/strawberry element to this. I think … Continue reading Laphroaig Caideas – Madeira Cask

Toronto Whisky Society’s Whiskies of the Year 2016

2016 was a fantastic year for the members of the Toronto Whisky Society, for many reasons: We launched our website and social media presence after existing primarily on Reddit for the past few years We held a number of highly successful events in homes, at pubs and at distilleries We made connections with a ton of distilleries to set up future events, AMAs and tastings … Continue reading Toronto Whisky Society’s Whiskies of the Year 2016