High West Yippee Ki-Yay

Had a tasting. Didn’t have a set idea. Just brought out whiskies we wanted to drink. Like we should. I decided upon High West Yippee Ki-Yay. Why? Because something this odd needs to be savoured. But what is High West Yippee Ki-Yay? The name would denote using ex-bean casks and potentially quoting Blazing Saddles while it ages. I don’t know about the second part. I assume that’s… Continue reading High West Yippee Ki-Yay

Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon & Blue Jays Baseball Bonanza

Baseball and Bottled-in-bond Bourbons… doesn’t get much more American than that! Except I’m in Canada, and I’m watching the Blue Jays. I’ve had these two bottles for a while, and the Henry McKenna came in a swap with /u/lecheconcarnie nearly two years ago. Realized I could do a three-way BiB multi-review, so let’s see how they fare! (both the bourbons and the Blue Jays… I’ll give updates … Continue reading Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon & Blue Jays Baseball Bonanza

Brown-Forman Tasting Event at JOEY

Back in June, TWS held a tasting event with Brown-Forman at JOEY in the Eaton Centre. This was a joint event with @MaltCollective on Instagram, and was a great evening, enjoyed greatly by the 20+ attendees who were there! The team at JOEY brought out some amazing food and the service was second to none! A huge thank you to the animated and knowledgeable John Breckon … Continue reading Brown-Forman Tasting Event at JOEY

Toronto Whisky Society Do Good Distillery Reviews

Toronto Whisky Society were privileged enough to be sent bottles and samples of Do Good distilleries offerings. We’d like to start out by thanking Do Good for these samples, and for being patient while we waited for someone to legally bring them back from the US. Do Good Distillery is built upon the ideal of making unique, wonderful craft spirits. Their emphasis is on whisky. They use … Continue reading Toronto Whisky Society Do Good Distillery Reviews