Bird Dog Blackberry Flavored Whiskey

Thanks to /u/devoz for this sample. No, really. My constant desire to review every single whiskey under the sun is unrelenting as…. well, the sun. That didn’t start well… let’s try this again. I love to review all whiskies. Doesn’t matter the type. I specifically hunt down anything I haven’t had before. So during a recent tasting, I was taking a break while other people reviewed a… Continue reading Bird Dog Blackberry Flavored Whiskey

Centennial Canadian Rye Whisky Dark Chocolate

This was tasted as part of the Toronto Whisky Society. We were given this bottle from Highwood Distillers for the purpose of reviewing it. We take our reviews seriously, and do not give higher marks because something is free. I appreciate the donation from Highwood. Assuming no one reads that, feel free to call me a shill in the comments. This is the first Centennial… Continue reading Centennial Canadian Rye Whisky Dark Chocolate

Jim Beam Red Stag Hardcore Cider

Thank you to… damn, didn’t write it down. Sorry about that. Some guy gave me this. He didn’t want anything back. Said it was bad. I’ve said, multiple times, that if someone releases something and calls it a whiskey, I’ll review it. Recently I’ve had quite a few whiskies from different distilleries that most people have commented on as “rough” and “holy damn that wasn’t… Continue reading Jim Beam Red Stag Hardcore Cider


Kinda did this backwards. Started with the high end version, then bought a mini of the standard offering. Granted I’m doing the same with this review, so why change now? This is, technically, not a whisky. It’s a whisky based spirit drink that has dropped below the mandatory 40% to still be a whisky. But where’s my manners… oh, yeah, I dropped them for these… Continue reading Sortilège